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Q: What is Indoor Skydiving?

SkyVenture Arizona is a vertical wind tunnel with four fans at the top that draw air up into the flight chamber. Our wind tunnel simulates the feeling of skydiving. The air speed is controllable providing you with just the right amount of airflow for optimal flight.

Q: Is Indoor Skydiving Scary?

Indoor Skydiving is not scary. It is an adrenaline rush! You will be flying only a few feet above the safety netting within arms reach of your instructor.

Q: Will I be jumping?

Indoor skydiving offers you the excitement of skydiving, without the jump. You will never have the sensation of falling or getting motion sick. You will be guided into the tunnel by one of our certified instructors and will float on a column of air.

Q: Can I fly with another person?

You will all be part of the same group however; you will fly one at a time in the flight chamber. Actual classroom size varies. You will benefit from the one-on-one interaction with your instructor while the rest of your group watches.

Q: Can I do tricks and flips?

For safety reasons tricks and flips are for experienced flyers only. Some flyers are able to do turns, move up and down, forward and backward during their first flight. 

Q: Can non-participants watch indoor skydiving?

We have an observation area that is open for all First Time Flights and all non-military flights. Please keep in mind that when a military group is training we are closed for spectators. You can call prior to your arrival to see what spectator limitations are set for that date.

Q: What should I wear?

We recommend wearing comfortable clothing, nothing too constricting. You will be provided with a Flight Suit that goes over your clothing. Make sure that you have on athletic shoes. No opened toed shoes. All other gear is provided.

Q: Do I need to make a reservation?

​Reservations are highly recommended. Please contact our office at 1-520-466-4640.

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