What’s the minimum amount of time that I may book at a time?

The minimum booking time is 5 minutes, and times may be booked in 5 minute increments with the preferences of 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minute increments.

Can I schedule someone to rotate with?

If you prefer to break up your time, you may request to rotate with another group. However, a request is not a guarantee.

Is coaching included?

A tunnel instructor is available each session. However, if you’d like to work specific techniques, you may hire a coach at an additional cost. Please inquire about coaching costs when booking.

How do I go about scheduling coaching?

You may either request a coach when booking (please specify what skills you are working on); or you may book a coach independently of the tunnel. Coaching rate prices are not available for independent Instructors.

Can I see the schedule online?

Not at this time. You may call for reservations, availability, book a coach or request rotations at

What’s the difference between the tunnel instructor and tunnel coach?

A tunnel instructor is provided for every session to ensure timely rotations, and overall safety. They oversee everyone flying in the tunnel only.

A coach is a dedicated person to brief and train prior to the flying session, be present for your flying time giving direction, and post brief your flying to prep your next session for improvements.

Can I bring a water bottle in the chamber during my session?

Yes, however it must remain in the chamber. No other type of food is allowed

How big is the tunnel’s flying column?

The flying chamber is 14’ diameter which can fit approximately fit 4 belly flyers or 8 freefliers.

What are your hours?

Tunnel hours vary however, office hours are: Winter months 7:00am-9:00 pm. Summer Months Usually 7:00am-7:00pm (NOTE: hours vary depending on business needs.)

What’s the history of the wind tunnel?

With the increased reliance on the type of machine and the accessibility for skydivers, SkyVenture Arizona became the holy grail for skydivers and the example for the modern wind tunnel industry to follow.

Built on the Skydive Arizona dropzone (skydiving facility) in Eloy, Arizona in 2005, SkyVenture Arizona offered the right size (14 foot, round) and enough wind speed (160 mph top speed) for skydivers to train all disciplines of flying, including freeflying.

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What design does Skyventure Arizona use?

The first Sky Venture was a single-pass open flow wind tunnel built in Orlando, FL in 1998 as a prototype and proof of concept. This breakthrough design included wall-to-wall airflow which eliminated the possibility of flyers falling off the column of air. For additional safety, it included an enclosed staging area and a trampoline floor of aircraft quality stainless steel. This was the first vertical wind tunnel to use multiple, smaller fans for reliability and efficiency. These innovations launched the modern vertical wind tunnel industry.

The company built four of these which were huge successes, enjoyed by professionals and novices alike.

For the second generation, we challenged our engineers to make the tunnels larger, faster, and more efficient. Like the first generation, these new tunnels were single-pass, but with round rather than faceted flight chambers. This design resulted in the fastest wind tunnels in the world at the time enabling the new sport of Vertical Relative Work.

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Under 18

SkyVenture Arizona enjoys having young flyers come and experience the thrill and adventure of indoor skydiving, but any minor that does not have a legal guardian present when flying must have a signed and notarized parental release form to fly.


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